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Cason Laase

Cason Laase

Financial Assistant

Cason Laase joined Highland Money Management in 2023 as a junior representative. He graduated from the University of St. Thomas with honors, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and also discovering a passion for finance. Cason is a dedicated employee who is eager to begin his career at Highland Money Management.

Why did I choose a career in finance?

Throughout college, as I learned more and more about investing and financial planning, I became fascinated with the world of finance and the time value of money. After trying a little investing myself I quickly realized, this stuff is really hard to figure out alone! I was lucky enough to land an internship at Highland Money Management and never looked back. The part of the career that won me over was the client relations. As a senior advisor once told me “I get to go to work and make friends” and there are not many career paths that give you that opportunity.